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Gottfried Feng Strausborg (Germany) Jieshi 2007-8-1 0/188 2007-11-1 02:14 by Jieshi Egypt Shanghai Bach (Germany) the Jieshi 2007-8-1 0/204 2007-11-1 02:14 by Jieshi Chinese zither (Germany) Jieshi 2007-8-1 0/221 2007-11-1 02:14 by Jieshi... 1945 year, she marries with the Judea lineage Germany communist Gottfried Lessing. After two years, the marriage bursts once more. Because criticized the South African political power because to forbid,1,956 to 1995 to enter South Africa, she returned to England. Lessing has written many books, publishes each kind of work morethan 50, novel has 27, in the long literature profession, she unceasingly explores, ponder... 1986 the year Gottfried Bolivia (Germany) in 1987 under Dan healthy three (Japan) in 1988 the Gordon nation summer (US) and Oscar Niemeyer (Brazil) in 1989 the franker covers Switzerland (US) in 1990 Ahl. to be many (Italy) in 1991 the Robert article hamlet (US) in 1992 Ahl Pakistan. many west Sa (Portugal) in 1993 article Yan (... in mathematics, Newton and Gottfried Leibniz shared has developed the fluxionary calculus study honor. He had also proven the generalized binomial theorem, proposed "the Newton law" draws close the function zero spot, and has made the contribution for the power series research. In 2005, the Royal Academic Association carried on "who was in the scientific history the most influential person" in the poll... the

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