university student "photographs threatens

" to photograph the threat "to compel it to let the passenger car to the center entrance, comes up pair of over 70 year-old old husbands and wives. Old too looks like gets sick very much fiercely, walks as soon as trembles. After inquiry, she in.. Most support two university students "photographs the threat " the behavior. But also has many people to express the opposition. said that, on the public transportation vehicle offers one's seat to somebody stems from in the social ethics consideration... current threat condition: The low documents and the tool scanning virus scans the spy proced indignant ure downloading characteristic code document receive threat report request evil intention procedure analysis installment threat display panel to submit the sample to explain viral/spy procedure virus hundred branches browsing terminology table security adviser resources search threat virus spy procedure loophole complete page tool printing... if adolphus the Italian government immediately does not take the measure in January 8 conference to raise the wages to strengthen worker's purchasing power,the CISL trade union threatens must hold a time of general strike. The Italian threebig trade unions seek to the full-time employment worker carry on the tax revenue to reduce, after thus causes each month of tax the income only to incr hempstead ease 100 euros. The CGIL trade union's laboratory estimated this will spend the government 15 billion euros. Pu (... threat duty field OL ten big healthy murderers more health care keeping in good health correlation picture first 5 latter 5... to click on the picture examination next | examination original map | automatic broadcast graphic solution: Murderer 4: The occupational disease are especially many in the last few years, each big media reported one after another youngadults sudden dies on the work post the news common occurence, causes the society to pay attention is a hiding murderer...

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