the Ang Lee work "Color, Abstains" _ video and music entertainment _ the Sina Net

40's public transportation vehicle marketplace others street corner human-drawn cart Japanese forces to seize the Shanghai dialect to say Ang Lee Ang Lee in 1954 was born in Taibei, ancestral home Jiangxi. In 1975 he graduatedfrom the Taiwan University art academy, latter went to US to study abroad. He first is studies the play in the university to direct, attains play bachelor the degree. Latter goes to New York University to study the movie to manufacture, and obtains... glass, the human-drawn cart , fry mixed up and sign the language cake, which is Chinese's invention? Which national suicide [ enters ] rate to be highest? Japanese, American, Lithuania and in the South African these four countries, which national suicide rate is highest? What [ enters ] in 2030 the most terrorist murderer is? Inthe pulmonary tuberculosis, the AIDS, the tobacco and the murder, which can bec accordion ome human... in to on the travel human-drawn cart , WangJiazhi sits on the vehicle rushes to the life end point several seconds, because too quickly therefore lens not that clean, not that steady - only had in by now, I finally saw own liked "being real". Then the story finally returned to in Mr. Yi's angle of view, now at last is the reason and the emotion subject which An Li most excels: His unusual instinct... the two, non-motor vehicle and soon bicycle, tricycle , human-drawn cart , animal-drawn cart, disabled person special-purpose vehicle has the significant accident, causes the person casualties to punish according to this crime. Third, thiscrime crime with the non- crime boundary, mainly looked whether there is the behavior person humidistat does violate regulations the behavior, has created the big harm consequence, on the subjective whether there is error, this kind of error with significant accident whether there is inevitably relation... workshop, the work site, the human-drawn cart , , the shovel, the matches,the cement, the steel bar, the stone, I have flowed the sweat, the blood, this all memories all let me treasure my today. I now thelife is actually ordinary lets many people look down upon. [ Transferred from blood and iron community ] has been remote 2,008 has come, my... comes from: Shenzhen looks like the very gentle human-drawn cart , to evening abnormal. - EML--Enjoy My Life, heaven in Jiuzhaigou 2,008 Rev. 3.1.0807 - 2008-01-02 16:51:41 +0800... in fact, calculated, I boughtthis book altogether to spend 10 Yuan 8 jiao, because, I was ride the human-drawn cart to go to the town center, round trip has spend 6 Yuan. I go to the town center originally certainly am not.. abandon On me a woman stepped on human-drawn cart . Also has the human-drawn cart in her side which two men steps on , but I after straight moved towards her. When she asked when where I do go to, I said Laokay. Who... does MaZida Furai concept vehicle this present existence Chen Xiaodong I not to open the express train thin number small shell private cruel vehicle more greatly to have the background Saab concept vehicle modelscience fiction for the first time to turn the reality aerocar [ chart] the motorcycle [ group chart ] in the world the most advanced human-drawn cart [ chart ] to be able stupidly enough to open in an intelligent automobile more history by the luxurious name wildest...

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