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Yi Jianlian was at yesterday to display even more too bad, they 69 compared 114 in the guest field to hit by the piston are utterly routed. The United Arab Republic 12 minute 8 backboards, with difficulty have actually prevented the male deer four successive defeats. (Reporter Zhang Yinghao) the New China net copyright with exempts the responsibility to state that, (1) every this net indicates "the origin: New China net "all works, the copyright belongs to Xinhua News Agency, Bull competition has not downloaded 12.27 male deer vs after this net... the maledeer VS to dig the golden competition to download 12the month on 23rd male deer VS Shan Mao to compete downloads (the United Arab Republic occupation newhigh + 2. 2008-1nba television direct seeding to show |1 month nba thedirect seeding timetable cctv-5nba direct seeding timetable (in January, 2008) the Shanghai five-star sports nba direct seeding timetable {2008-1} new biography sports... bulletin news Beijing standard time yesterday morning, the male deer gave the piston in the guest field 69:114 disastrous defeat. After the competition ended, the male deer team member tidies up the mood to want without enough time Miami. They passed the new year in there, andWednesday evening meets h accordion ead-on in the American time friendly. "I thought the competition in front of the main key match already had determined," the male deer center said, "we arrive here... this also has when 10 minute 12 seconds he colludes the hit, but the male deer fell behind for 20 minute. After more than minute clocks, Yi Jianlian the middle distance goes well, but the male deer or by 47: 66 backwardness. This finally 2 minute 58 seconds, the male deer has not been able to hit aball, after the piston splits out 8 to compare 2, by 86: 57 has been in the lead for 29 minute. The piston substitution players continue to devastate the male deer , they by 18... [ technical statistics ] [ score ] [ male deer 08 years in January competition schedule analysis ] [ the official strength announcement: Male Lu Jiangzhi 24th ] [ male Lu Nanxiong gets up Arab League connection straw to grasp ] [ Yi Jianlian 070 to be big.. Leapsthe news sports news Beijing standard time on January 1, male Lu Kechang challenges the piston, the result they by 69-114 disastrous defeat, has encountered a season most deeply grieved defeat (at the same time also is male Lu Duishi... Beijing standard time on January 1 the news, M successful orris- William Si is injured for Charlie - the Bell this season second first round opportunity, finally male deer simple-hearted "shell in one" gentleman entire audience 8..Although because the male deer slowl mccauley y if did not renew a contract deep has deeply injured Bell "was immature" the mind, and causes its entire summer not to be able normally to train, but so violent gliding down was the very difficult... New China net Washington, January 1 - (Reporter Liang Jinxiong) male Lu Dui welcomed the new year with 45minute disastrous pistons team. Not the full team displays the male deer fan aims at the spear point team... male Lu Dui atpresent by 11 wins 19 defeats places eastern part reciprocal third, the guest field has always lost 15 competitions to enable they to become the eastern conference to lose ball most troops. According to the competition schedule, male Lu Duijiang... the NBA website on 31st to announce in 2007last the issue of team strength order list, in did not have in the situation which Mai Di led a cheer to obtain the rocket team rise which the second company won to 15th, but three successive defeats male Lu Duize glided down to 24th.Previous announcement Yao bright is at the rocket team falls to 18th, has written this season place record low. Yi Jianlian allies male Lu Duize all mays be called from...

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