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IT168 office supplies frequency channel, authoritative office supplies information, in view of printer, a body machine, duplicator, facsimile machine and so on each kind of office equipment report correlation news, quotation, evaluation, , application and maintenance, Let you better understanding office supplies marketchoose suitable work product... facsimile machine quotedprice to be situated Matushita UF-A889... $14,200 principles light FAX580... $7,485 Matushita UF-A888... $7,350 principles light FAX SP5... $... facsimile machine new productrank principle light FAX 332... $4,500 principles light FAX bookmobile 114... $2,500 good to be able FAX-L16... $0 to be good can FAX-L14... $0... short note background number: 1.062212611 billion facsimile services number: 96,838 customers telephones: 10,010 technical support: 61.0289 million (working day) 9:00-18:00 email: Copyright 2,005 China Unicom Shanghai subsidiary company all rights reserved All Rights Reserved. Shanghai ICP prepares 05.003124 million managements permits number: 15000002200104280278... photograph transmission speed 3 seconds/pag mccauley e of facsimiles precisions standard: 88 /mm3.85 lines /mm; Fine: 8 /mm7.7 lines /mm; Ultra fine: 8 /mm15.4... photograph transmission speed: 3 seconds/page of facsimile precisions: Standard: 88 /mm3.85 lines /mm; Fine: 8 /mm7.7 lines /mm; Ultra fine: 8 /mm15.4... Hangzhou Sharp duplicator, the facsimile machine specializes in selling the service shop, the Hangzhou date good science and technology limited company, the address: Hangzhou article three groups 369 numerical codes buildings 801 room, te littleton lephone: 0571-56771128 56771129, Hangzhou Sharp duplicator exclusive agency, the Hangzhou Sharp facsimile machine exclusive agency, the Hangzhou Sharp printer exclusive agency, the Hangzhou Sharp duplicatorservice center, Hangzhou Sharp facsimile machine service... gold medal proxy SF-360 Tristar facsimile machine Tristar to spurt ink facsimile machine photocopying seller: On the Chiangnan handset 1 hour 14 minutes postal10.00 is quick postal 20.00 (panasonic) the pw38 ordinary paper facsimile machine special price sells seller with city 20.... * articles peaks office equipment * ultra low price * sound recording * wireless scanning * large screen 7 colored * Matushita: Yinengfax 1 day 21... to assign to transmit the facsimile , and to the facsimile document establishment first value, reaches this point the facsimile transmission guide to establish completes. Single-clicks facsimile information which "next step of" was allowed to consult establishes a moment ago; Single-clicks "to look at the facsimile document in advance" the button, may lookat the facsimile document inadvance the content, if we establish in above transmit the facsimile immediately , single-clicks "as follows completes the manuscript specification which" button facsimile ... oef916a facsimile machine may transmit: 2 cannot directly transmit manuscript: Moist or ink and starch not dry manuscript; , folds and the serious curl.. Above three kinds established after have carried on the transmission facsimile or the photocopying, self-recovery to will lack the province establishment. When transmission facsimile each page of manuscripts transmission conclusion, the facsimile opportunity sends out the prompt sound, invites...

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