flint sends gun

to paste: The publication message foundation flint sends the gun to paste with hundred dialogues news picture complete picture big chart in impracticable chart small chartwallpaper this content is hundred automatic scan result, possibly receives the copyright protection, hundred have nothing to do humidistat with with the content source, please after obtains the rig syncopate ht person (for example to have) the legitimate authorization to use. If has thequestion please to refer almagest to the right to state 2,008 Baidu... when Bess flint sends in front of the flintlock and Baker installs the smooth bore flint to send the flintlock. Below is two kind of guns parameters: Brown theBess flint sends the flintlock. 1.42 meters, the barrel caliber.. Bess flint sends the flintlock the specification. In the reference Opium War two kind of guns rate of fire, the Baker rate of fire is equal to Brown Bess 2/3. If all is smoothbore gun difference...

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