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Non- title documents The home page | Jinzhou Daily | Jinzhou evening news | Liaoxi business newspaper | news frequency channel | seeks employment the employment advertise | gold leopard I T | gold leopard community | the hot spot entertainment | fervor theater | studies the rostrum | gold leopard female | advertisement | newspaper office to introduce | contacts with us Liu Aishi we tenaciously hit for the livelihood spell Reading: 94 The origin [ the Jinzhou evening news ] publishes the date: 2008.01.08 Initially sees Liu Aishi is in front of hers meat pie shop, outside the weather is very cold, lets the person wish one could the neck all to shrink in the collar. But she: A frail black wool sweater, a dark blue apron is in the waist, is more frozen much the face, but the corner of the eye brow tip actually hangs is smiling. Enters in the shop, because is morning past 9 o'clock therefore does not have any visitor, the husband and the staff and the surface, stirs the stuffing. In front of the small table sits well in the building, she slightly reveals anxiously, is good one can only then say: "Actually, we do not have any, all is compels, only has the lazy talented person to be able to starve to death." Ten Yuan "live" a week Liu Aishi husband Zhang Weibi she the was big three years old, in 1994 introduced after the person that, 29 year-old she has become the bride. After the marriage, the husbands and wives sentiment is very good, after a year, love crystallization - small "princess" arrives the world. The honest husband, the virtuous wife and may person's clever baby, this kind of warm family actually face the survival the pressure. The unit is not booming, just lived child's she to leave the work post, unit each month has issued her 100 Yuan living expenses, this let her have the thought which worked. With a husband saying, looks she post-natal emaciated body, the husband was saying that, "You now this body bone hit the ability to receive? Our Qian Shengzhuo the flower, cannot starve to death!" The husband such said that, she also does not have says any again, but they have not realized, "the storm" quietly "is raiding". A 1996 day afternoon, she led the child in the home, the husband suddenly to come back. Also not to rush hour, how... ... In her heart faintly passed over gently and swiftly a restlessness, may comfort immediately oneself, is all right! But the husband has been unemployed, the unemployment meant what? Meant the whole family loses the only income. "The at that time I have not cried, , cried not to be able to solve the problem." "10 dollars we have lived a week!" She suddenly said such. The husband is unemployed had not found the work, the living expenses unit has not given, money . Once, in the family is only left over 10 Yuan, she pinched the money, the brow has been twisting a big lump. A daughter over year old was weaned, should drink the powdered milk, but she thought bag of powdered milk t bookmobile ook 45 Yuan, has dispelled this thought. Thereupon, in a week of family on the dinner table only has and the bean curd, but bean curd also must cut open divides two eats. Crowds with the landlord under eaves The life is difficult, but the day must, the husbands and wives then start to work. They do not have the professional skill, seeks livehood the road reveals ruggedly, works, the unemployment; Again works, is unemployed again... ... Then, they endured for 4 years, in 4 years, the dinner table has not nearly seen the meat. In 2000, they encounter another "the life intersection": Is located professional south in the one-story house to mobilize! Returns moves? Or again seeks the residence? The a succession of question mark follows on somebody's heels. Returns moves ; Asks for money buys the room again, which is that easy to bump into appropriately. Returns moves! Looks many years family has loudly dropped down under the machine work, she silently is reading, "family! I can come back!" The family, has not had to look for the place which finds a place to live, in order to the convenient child goes to school, she nearby rented a room. Is different with other renters, three people only rent a room, the grandparent and grandchild crowds with landlord old woman under eaves. More than 10 square meters huts put , did not have the unnecessary space, "under that time put on shoes, the arm all could hit the wall on." Gathers rents the house to egress usually must guard a door locks, the reason is: Security! But, she actually ever does not lock a door, what utterly destitute fears, old clothes, broken cotton-wadded quilt? Only some little money on body. The family-run shop was inferior to said subsidizes the shop In 2003 new building , she pulled out a household belt to face the street the retail sales, was joyful at the same time, also worried for the money. The marriage occasion does not have any savings, works also is "the moonlight race", now was shortly arrives the hand the retail sales to want "to fly", she wanted to cry but have no tears. Afterwards, the relative friend knew her predicament, gives money generously in abundance. But, the numerous people subsidize after all limitedly, the money also misses a big truncation. Thereupon, the husbands and wives opened the mouth to the schoolmate and the before colleague. Finally, Qian Jiegou. When she received the key, both hands nearly are shiver, "the family, I came back!" The house had, what do they make? Opens the meat pie shop! Is the speech flattery matter difficult to manage, which opens the room charge from? Is absolutely cannot be helped she to the street, the community seeks help, very quick, they apply for to the jot loan. Rich, hoped already the long shop has been open for business, business day by day is also prosperous. Borrows the others the money day always not to be undependable, she economical in everyday spending saves a money spot, and in shortest time money also. "Is not cries poorly, that time except the staff wages and the daily expense, my pocket nearly is spatial." She said. The retail sales open a shop do not have the place to live, three people live the maternal home, 10 square meter very small mountainside rooms finally can install the body. Whenever also money time, the relative friends not only do not want the interest, added: "I not anxiously spend money, now your day , later again also not late." Business prosperous, the daily expenses are also big, unavoidably has on hand the short time. Once, her money turnover does not work, thought little while ago just left chef. She hits a telephone saying, opposite party has not hesitated, "9 I get off work, finished up propose the money to go." Speaks of also, his head swings likes the rattle-drum, "first is using, I am not anxious." Daughter's two pair of pants Said proficiently, her sound somewhat sobs, "these years with all one's heart all in the shop, show loving concern to the daughter few, but not such do, the whole family must have nothing to eat." The daughter body is not since childhood good, as soon as falls ill must give an injection, but always only gives the muscle injection, does not hit hangs the bottle. Looks Reporter Man Lian has doubts, she explains, certainly is not not the favored daughter, really hangs bottle Qian Taigui; Moreover the muscle needle hits walks, hangs the bottle often to have to hook on for 12 hours, she does not work at that time. Each time the daughter falls ill, she ponders over to the child buys delicious, the daughter does not want. Little while ago, she discovered the junior middle school the daughter mood is low, closely examines over and over only then knew, has a schoolmate to say: "A semester looked you put on two pair of pants, red, white." This time, she only then notes the daughter only to have red, the white two movements trousers, but must give adds the new pants, the sensible daughter actually exposes this to be very good. Now, the husbands and wives are full of confidence: "Has our industrious paying, the day certainly can cross well." Duan Hongren zhang Yi Dan Reporter Feng is abundant Related content: Liu Aishi we tenaciously hit for the livelihood spell [ Returns to home page ] [ closure window ] :: Popular: : : : News: : Initiated not the disturbance by the injector Profoundly understands 17 big subjects Yesterday a female fell the building to die The Jinzhou future several days will decrease temperature The network chats awkward matter Hou Yaowen three marriages disputes are many "Love 20 Years" CCTV hotly broadcasts the audience echo to be intense The good influence of education Run brocade city - constructs Binhai new Jinzhou year's end inventorying The Jinzhou city economy workshop convenes The Jinzhou individual housing transfer begins levying taxes the income tax Non- title documents The golden leopard home page article retrieval newspaper office introduces the advertizing service gold leopard community life greatly entire Jinzhou website greatly entire All rights reserved: Jinzhou newspaper office Jin Baowang the editorial department does not have to reprint the telephone without the permission: 0416-37055 schedule 63 works QQ: 4.165993 million Newspaper office address: Jinzhou city municipal government east road 2 zip codes: 121,000 Distant ICP prepares 06.007171 million although the general meeting of shareholders voting result is contrary to what expects, buteast the tubes are meeting the place to display calmly calm, tolerant are magnanimous, the firm tenacious style, the person has not lost face for us. Inconference site, but also some detail should pay attention, east how many positions was the tube all ties the red tie (to have scarlet and is purplish red), this as if by prior agreement action meant what? Why perhaps... does the because the vitality is tenacious ,does not do fear the nucleus to fight The cockroach vitality can be continuous for hundred million years, their vitality exceptionally is tenacious , in does not have food in the situation, can exactly a month, but does nothave.. Because the vitality is tenacious , does not do fear the nucleus to fight The cockroach vitality can be continuous for hundred million years, their vitality exceptionally is tenacious , in does not have food in the situation, can exactly a month, who but doesn't have...

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Chinese _ hundred hundred branches

Liu Xi "Releases" is the Chinese etymology first book, it attempted seeks the language source through the pronunciation and the semantic relation, but in which has the ingredient which very many is subjectively speculated. (2) second stage, from the Southern andNorthern Dynasties (420 ~ 589) to the Ming Dynasty (1,368 ~ 1,644) treatise thelast stage, is the pronunciation research stage. In this stage, after the Chinese scholars... eugenics, drift away, to patrol, the right wing, the etymology , the reserve duty, pre-, the budget, marshal, the element, the gardening, the driving force, the principle,want, the principle, the atom, the pardoned crime, the original work, the hike, the movement, the athletic field, the revolution; [ z ] the magazine, the exposition, the front, the philosophy, the vacuum tube, the battle formation, the policy, the political party, the branch, the control, branch... Liu Xi "Releases" is the Chinese etymology first book, it attempted seeks the language source through the pronunciation and the semantic relation, bu patriotic t in which has the ingredient which very many is subjectively speculated. (2) second stage, from the Southern andNorthern Dynasties (420 ~ 589) to the Ming Dynasty (1,368 ~ 1,644) thelast stage, bonneville is the pronunciation research stage. In this stage, Chinese scholars Indian phonetics... [ Chinese word philology ] (1) dialectology China linguistics history Chinese history sound study exegesis of ancient texts philology etymology 04,089 [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ].. Will move the net forum East linguistics poem life trace forum reason next life the history Hakkas character and style Nankai linguistics to occupy reed flute forum first ink reason hall -=> for the book forum... [ Chinese word philology ] (1) dialectology China linguistics history Chinese historysound study exegesis of ancient texts philology etymology 04,089 [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ].. Will move the net forum East linguistics poem life trace forum reason next life the history Hakkas character and style Nankai linguistics to occupy reed flute forum first ink reason hall -=> for the book forum... this big dictionary the arrangement to usethe European dictionary general method, the prominent etymology and the linguistics characteristic, facilitated practical, was valued scholar's. Agreed your Germany Si to compile "the Pakistan England Dictionary", this was first Pali and English dictionary south, to studied passes on Buddhism to play the vital role. In 1880 BauerEnglish government dispatch, to Chinese Xinjiang "archaeology"... although certainfable lion vultures represent the devil, but more people believed it is the Christ symbol, " Etymology "records: "Christ is a lion, because he has series imperial ability and the tremendous strength; Christ also is an eagle, because after he may rise into the heaven reactivating." Perhapsthe knight (Knight) is in all branch of the services most we knew verywell that, richest legendary color... because in a book once had such explanation in " Etymology ": "Christ is a lion, because he has series imperial ability and the tremendous strength; Christ also is an eagle, because after he may rise into the heaven reactivating." Angel (angel) the Jew, the Christian and Muslim religion all thought the angel is the spirit body which serves for the god. When angel incarnation adult...

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the cocoa homeland

tit and robin's story obtains the more information reply skill: How delays with refuses how to propose in the question * world of * love most perfect dialogues 26 letters The love 26 true meanings irrigate window of entertainment circle in the dynasty music, who do you most like? Is the stamp joy attractive (Li Wei) the Chinese cruel nine vegetables... tit chirp awakes Chiangnan hoped can become the friend with everybody (2 replies) bids good-bye that day! ! (12replies) a night of sentiment? ? ? (43 replies) has the schoolmate which 89 levels of burnt bridges centers middle school graduates? Please come in has a look! (1 reply) will not be the next life, for on the way will only meet (5 replies) with you the sincere - marriage seeker (9 replies) to ask... tit rank: Intermediate three EH coin: 2,348 registrations dates: On November 5, 2002 1, the insertion - document --- 2, e stablishment program rank ~ everybodyis the good friend, welcome to exchange! Cuteword rank: The novice starts off the EH coin: 353 integrals: 0 registrations dates: On March 31, 2007 refers: ... (15 replies) [ sells ] an under tit plum (7 replies) [ to sell ] the black pine (21 replies) [ to sell ] the crow persimmon to present as a gift Hu the bald person (6 replies) to sell ] descends a mountain the pile (7 replies) [ to sell ] the crow persimmon to descend a mountain pile 2 (10 replies) to buy Mr. Xu the pile to receive `! How (5 replies) [ sells...

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Wu Jisheng individual website >> home page -- assiduous

each people all possibly succeeded. But finally can achieve the successful other shore, must have the basic personal character and thescience behavior way. The tho puncture ught decision motion, the motion decides the custom, the custom decision personal character, the personal character decision destiny. The destiny is decided by the personal character, thus wants successfully, must first exercise the custom. The custom has the formidable attraction. Thiskind of strength on abides by the tea fu tea city like nature strength... because he assiduously studies independently, after he studied the enterprise to manage the management, the tea culture knowledge was also mature day after successful day. In 2002, makes him to be more excited. Stimulated the fighting spirit the opportunity to come, because Hong Rishun own condition ready, his gold the outstanding p littleton erson which became the similar tea merchant along the tea merchant. The higher authority led the mental perception to be a good judge of character, has the Bole horse's merit, the process recommendation inspection, Hong... celebrity famous saying: The knowledge is, any achievement which comes from the assiduous work all is the assiduous workresult. Who - Song Qingling "" does the newest picture "" freshly draw a charge "" the newest attention "" this week popularity "my vehicle to follow after entire treating processes... to raise to the forum a suggestion or prospects for development.. 2008 year... celebrity famous saying: The knowledge is, any achievement which comes from the assiduous work all is the assiduous work result. - Song Qingling "the forum picture climbs a mountain in the active leisure activity long-line activity 2 hours sends placard champion 24 o'clock sends a placard donkey good world 2008 year calendar to receipt, has registered the application... to pass through (sees clearly your...

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80 for the debate topic not to have to take advantage of own seniority, after 90 younger sisters kne

80 do not take advantage of own seniority,90 younger sisters to know you were have envied on passing on: On passes on the date: 2008-01-04 13:45:06 younow watch are the video frequency: 80.. If said 80 after the envy was inferior to said 90 after does not know the immensity of heaven and earth. 2008-01-04 21:42 blue sky saves: Ha ha 2008-01-04 21:33 heart language flies upwards: ... Austria Pama's primary election which is envied the politician wins from his individual charm, the American said hehas" the charm which is envied the politician ", said he" makes President Kennedy which one remembered the same year ", if the Austria Pama finally won ddin fact the Austria Pama to have 8 tenths final to grasp elected next session of US president dd the Austria Pama to win the road also is his individual charm, every was listens to him to lecture... I not to envy 2007-08-31 15:08 weather to be very good, beautiful. Only is the afternoon has spot haze. Recently had been infatuated with the related flowered and butterfly's thing. As if own.. Before dawn clearly hears to a boy's frank sound, he smiles, is happy is the others, we cannot envy . We do not envy , only if is happy is ignominious. Did not understand is his too... Nike - Alpha this section shoes to be really good? I ultra like (am in pouch am shy) the hot dog to have in the first song also to mention it (I Love You) proved I had the prospect the symbol am - I put on this pair of shoes (to have to be legal copy) finally revise to 200.7/12/3 million 20:25:43 reading (8) the cruel s bookmobile pot (0) comment (0) not to have commentary... title which the woman envies: Liu Jia Ling she is inborn lets the woman rank which the woman envies : The group buys the net member jurisdiction: Average consumer integral: 14 moneys: 14 prestige: 12 experiences: 12 round placards numbers: 12 registrations: On January 5, 2008 she is inborn lets the woman which the woman envies , the graceful bearing drag, noble is elegant, attractive lets all women envy, because always has man... Wu Qingzhe broadly to win the high praise to prepare is envied completely with pastes (0) the essence area (0) to debate the area (0) publish the newest essence | hottest essence to altogether have the essence 0 1st page immediately to altogether have essence 0 1 [ above the message only torepresent individual viewpoint, On behalf of the souhu.com viewpoint ] the system does not help Top to suppose * with searches for dog... envy is because you sense does not satisfy. The envy is is not divided the men and women, only had your point of view to be good, envied the heart naturally also not.In the ostentatious all city, has very envies , because everybody all understand competing, I sense should delivers these people in the mountain to train, lets them know the life the difficulty, was like this good. In the mountain people are most simple and honorable... subject: I envy you, the Song Dynasty man reads 18 to reply 2 [ ] the title: Rank: Live skip: Charm: Sends pastes the number: Integral: The building hostbrand-new VIOS prestige spreads "starts to link!" [ Folk discipline matter ] Ni Pinglao has been old "escaped" [ counter- Taiwan independence forum ] the successive battles eldest son helps elects when has suffered the populace to attack [ group chart ] [ folkdiscipline matter ] to betray... News | finance and economi aesthete cs | automobile | real estate | sports | entertainment | numerical code | life | woman | game | traveling | community | mail | VGO | broadcasts the guest | theater Current position: 21CN home page > news center > social news > main text beautifully suffers the woman to envy Thai monster empress your photograph 2008-01-03 16:23:09 21CN forum [ Browsing words: Big center is small ] Searches more information >>> [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ next page ] The male gender "is originally more attractive than" the female many, this is biosphere's universal law. But the humanity works just the opposite. This source to human society's development. Said from the masculine aspect that, the social responsibility expansion, the request physique is even more vigorous and healthy. This finally surely accumulates to the masculine gene as well as the hormone secretion, the man body great nature successes when conditions are ripe. But like on says, this has already surpassed the biological development general rule. What question now "is the person monster"? From the physiology, that is with the reverse hormone operation, accumulates the masculine several million years gene "the coarse ore" the ingredient to perform to correct, thereupon also its true, "the daughter body" also must attractive, be more charming than carriage. Said from some kind of significance that, this is "also the historical original appearance"! "Does not know the truth about the matter, only reason body in this mountain"! In makes owner's front, person's body oneself, all is under the nature great writer's high quality goods! This indeed is worth the common people, , monster Tong Yannv thinks deeply! Poy, the Thai, 17 year old of denaturation, enjoys the extremely high human spirit in Thailand, obtained Miss since her the Tiffany title, the television station has carried on an interview for this to her, narrated her to undergo around the sex change operation the experience She has won the Miss Tiffany title time only then 19 years old. (Edition: Li Yujiao) [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ next page ] Four day in miracle Really likes in fourth spreading. Angel Deep Tian Gongzi plays the clear mute angel. Likes the lips | meeting the person not ripe | raspberry | the sea ape The soaring daddy | likes your | road hurricane | April language The selection and broadcast are more Forever engraved inscription First reflection bio-chemical weapon, germ warfare soap opera Liao family two females Meets again after a long separation big son-in-law US came back, has broken the Liao family's tranquil life Angel on-line | king head new | China type divorce New marriage time | you were smiling I actually to cry | my this for a lifetime The selection and broadcast are more Information recommendation Shenzhen female approaches the foreigner intimately to illuminate The global most sex appeal feminine body draws a portrait Thai monster empress sex appeal your photograph The Chinese ten given names lead the love and marriage rival in love Hong Kong intrepidly photograph surreptitiously the park is engaged in the opposite sex massage Young rich husband's mothers wasteful meeting Critically punctuates for 07 years to ignore a proper occupation the star Does not match works as university student 20 kind of people The female student accounts orally the racket A piece of experience Video frequency share Chinese ten big romantic networks beautiful women The female student weekend the dormitory autodyne strives for to stimulate On the beautiful woman public vehicle jumps the steel pipe dance A piece of actor really interviews the scene Zhang Hanyun AV bare according to exposure The color abstains Fan Bingbing to do decides Ge sorrow The community pastes the chart The woman also really dares to put on takes to the streets like this Trades small JJ to look who is most classical MM popularly shears the wrist and the method makes the headdress flower Greatly does the adult cartoon which smiles The Li Jiaxin road of rich and powerful family The broad rather compassion activity finally convenes The labourer surrounds Austria to enlighten = asks for the wages Opens the horse 6 MM temperament to be very big Lovable: 20,070 high prevalence rests the posture Metropolis "Hoodlum - Wind and cloud Recurrence" Wide frequency theater Evil does not press Beautiful boxing champion The valuable Lai shipyard lives The company introduces | the advertizing service | employment advertise information | website navigation | partner | honestly to draft the proxy | to contact with us Management permit serial number: The Guangdong ICP card 010,001 not good information report to the authorities the telephone: 020-38733114 Century dragon information network limited liability company all rights reserved services statement

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middle ages - world literature - to think dreamforum entertainment |BT| on-line | theater | literat

Gottfried Feng Strausborg (Germany) Jieshi 2007-8-1 0/188 2007-11-1 02:14 by Jieshi Egypt Shanghai Bach (Germany) the Jieshi 2007-8-1 0/204 2007-11-1 02:14 by Jieshi Chinese zither (Germany) Jieshi 2007-8-1 0/221 2007-11-1 02:14 by Jieshi... 1945 year, she marries with the Judea lineage Germany communist Gottfried Lessing. After two years, the marriage bursts once more. Because criticized the South African political power because to forbid,1,956 to 1995 to enter South Africa, she returned to England. Lessing has written many books, publishes each kind of work morethan 50, novel has 27, in the long literature profession, she unceasingly explores, ponder... 1986 the year Gottfried Bolivia (Germany) in 1987 under Dan healthy three (Japan) in 1988 the Gordon nation summer (US) and Oscar Niemeyer (Brazil) in 1989 the franker covers Switzerland (US) in 1990 Ahl. to be many (Italy) in 1991 the Robert article hamlet (US) in 1992 Ahl Pakistan. many west Sa (Portugal) in 1993 article Yan (... in mathematics, Newton and Gottfried Leibniz shared has developed the fluxionary calculus study honor. He had also proven the generalized binomial theorem, proposed "the Newton law" draws close the function zero spot, and has made the contribution for the power series research. In 2005, the Royal Academic Association carried on "who was in the scientific history the most influential person" in the poll... the

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compass finance to manage finances the service information network

letter signal flag market risk supervisory system home page (English) the knowledge and the training product and service downloading software and the data registration andthe purchase proxy special area about the compass compass company happily attains Dalian commodity exchange Level2 The quotation authorization compass company evaluates in 2008 card TopView (to win rich) the data management permission contract morning market to lead reads the review... smoke and fire signal and throws the rope equipment ship to use the orange with the red pyrotechnic signal ship with the red chute signal ship with the orange smog signal life-saving jacket from the bright light buoy smog signal life-saving jacket.. International passes language letter signal flag signal ball LuoBoxun stretcher number gong number clock piloting \ to ascend while the rope ladder fishes the apparatus ship first cable, the cloth wooden footboard, rubber footboard... to have the letter signalflag storeroom), upside the bridge and lower part the bridge. Upside in the bridge has captain the drawing room, "Jin'gang" holds the post of flagship period also is equipped with commander the drawing room and the staff... letter signal flag room and so on as soon as does the cabin. The level other three ships compare with "Jin'gang", "compared to wisdom" bridge relatively thin narrow, lateral projectionarea small, the layout is also more reasonable. "Scans - the global defense ship uses the letter signal flag 17. Slide view piece 18. Toy eyeglasses 19. Treadons ship 20. Pumice 21. Terrazzo 22. Putson make-up with the greasepaint 23. medicinal preparation24. Shaving soap 25. Shaves must the paste 3 buildings seas ten thousand declaration alliances publish to: 2008-1-2 23:18:55 commodity classification practice answer commodity classifies(1) 1.711011002.... letter signal flag in 2008 the railroad spring festival transportation plan appears in January on 23 to get upfor time 40 day xtay 2008-01-03 212 2008-01-03 13:10 by: Igooooh07 12,345 Pages: (1,/60 total) the version block jurisdiction examined opening subject popular subject locking subject closure subject voting subject locking votes Total 0.... notice letter signal flag [ read-only ] the community informs, or endures processing decision and so on the word for the contrary member, the new spot bamboo gets to work, the old spot bamboo resigns 1061 to appoint Han language word new spot bamboo kimvinas by terrysphy - 2007-6-24 03:06 AM sailor to irrigate the club (today: 2) the sailor reported that, not said, irrigates fills the small water-kettle forum: ... The letter signal flag market risk supervisory system home page (English) the knowledge and the training product and service downloading software and the data registration and the purchase proxy special area happily attains the Dalian commodity exchange Level2 quotation authorization compass company about the compass compass company to evaluate in 2008 card TopView (to win rich) the data management permission contract knowledge and training letter signal flag ...

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